Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why are the dead talking to me!?

Its Halloween everyone, which means all the Tranys here in Hollywood are confused and think that the world is on their side.  Its the one time you can dress like Lady Gaga and party like Charlie Sheen. (aka Lindsay Lohan)  Yep, its an amazing time of year for all! Except me! 

Now with all these crazy tranys, furries, and slutty girls costumes how could I not enjoy this time of year??

Since I was 20 I've had an odd gift, ability, disability, etc. (I think you get the point) 

My gift was the ability to see what Dead Celebrities would actually Twitter.  I know this sounds crazy, but when you grow up next to an Asian sweatshop these things just tend to happen. I just can't keep this stuff to myself anymore so I thought I'd share with you my favorite dead celebrity twitters.


"Brett Favre just gave a whole new definition to the term Dirty Dancing" 

"Ahhh... my iPhone reception sucks more than the ratings for The Two Coreys"


"For the last time, I am not going to go as a turd for Halloween" 


"Dressing like an angel this year so I can touch everyone's kids hearts"


"My rally was still bigger than Jon Stewart's rally, just ask my husband"

Alrighty, you caught me on the last one. Glenn Beck is dead, but only on the inside.  Have a great Halloween everyone, just don't trust the white rabbit.

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