Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things to give the Homeless (other than currency)

Living in Southern California, there are lots of things to see:  Palm Trees, Bikinis, Anorexia, etc. All this is great! Its amazing what this city has to offer.  But there is one thing I noticed a long time ago that seems to be everywhere... and that is the Homeless population in Los Angeles.  You can't turn a single corner in the city area without having someone asking you for a banknote. 

Now I understand this and its not that I have a whole lot but, when I see it all the time it becomes annoying, especially if you did decide to give someone some change or money and being asked literally 1 min later. 

Since I am a problem-solver and don't own a handgun, I've decided to come up with some solutions to this problem and help people out nation wide by providing my list: THINGS TO GIVE THE HOMELESS (OTHER THAN CURRENCY) 

 1. Fist Bumps

Watching people walk past the homeless on a day to day basis not to even acknowledge them is a little saddening.  C'mon guys they are people too.  Want to brighten a homeless person's day? Walk by and give them a fist bump.  
Although this may feel natural for you, especially if you've been fist bumping homeless people all day, this is not a good idea.  Do you really want to put your hand on the hand of someone who has been playing with his balls for hours in the sun?? I didn't think so.

  2. Advice
This is a pretty apparent thing that the Homeless need. Obviously they could use some sound advice, and personally,  I feel like I'm the one that can deliver that.  For example:

"With the Holiday season approaching I think it would be smart to invest in Apple, with prices only at 298.42 a share you can guarantee that it is only going to go up.  You wanna make some real money? Add this to your Portfolio."

  3. Boxes/Shopping Carts
Here's where some thinking comes in.  What are the two things that most people in America are paying for??? Your house and car! Well the homeless have these at their disposal and for the low cost of walking to WAL-MART. To be honest they are getting a much better deal because these are free and everywhere. 

This cart gets much better mileage than my KIA 

 4. Old Halloween Costumes
Again, being asked over and over again for money gets tiring on a daily basis.  I realize though that, helping people can be fun and rewarding.  Instead of giving the homeless a Washington or Lincoln I realized it would be much better to dress them like Washington or Lincoln.  I'm way more likely to give a Chuck Norris character some change than if you're wearing a blanket.  At least poke some holes in that thing and pretend you're a ghost. Its time to get creative people. 

 5. My Ex-Girlfriend's Phone Number
This is the thing that I've given to the homeless most often.  Its a simple thing, and you bet you're ass they're thankful for it.  I figure, she sleeps with everything anyway, why not the homeless in the community?    
Number also available in the bathroom at TGI Fridays!

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