Monday, October 18, 2010

VIPing At The Scream Awards!

Was most recently invited by Amanda (whose last name won't be revealed) to the Scream Awards this year at the Greek Theater! 

Probably the coolest award show, and the only one I'd really be interested in going to see.  Not because I'm really into scary movies but for the fact that they ask everyone to go in Costume.  And instead of walking around begging for candy it was a drunken mess of everyone falling down and asking where the VIP area was. Very Excellent but one of the most Hollywood things I've ever seen. 

This was just the line for cocaine.

 Throwing together a costume quickly can be a pain in the ass.  But a quick trip to the 99cent store and some eye makeup (which I promise isn't mine) made it easy to throw together an Alex from A Clockwork Orange. 
Ladies, please stop drooling on your computer.

The rest of the entourage decided on pretty easy costumes as well.  Simply put, we decided to go about an hour and a half before leaving.

 The one in the middle is Sarah Palin, duh!

Since we knew we'd be in line for a while we'd figured we'd spice things up with this new flavor of Gatorade called Merlot

  The G stands for Gettin' Drunk

After waiting for about an hour in line we were escorted into the theater towards some really crappy seats.  Since I'm a Baldwin and couldn't settle for sitting with the rest of the commoners the Entourage and myself made our way to the VIP section where not only the seats way better but we also found an open bar!

  This drink was called a Blood Banger. 

While at the bar began talking to Jocelyn James, who may sound familiar because she was the porn star that Tiger Woods was hooking up with for a while.  To be honest I felt like Tiger could have done a little better, but could definitely understand how he ended up in that hazard. Also, briefly spoke to one of the stars of Piranha 3D and explained, that she could finally be taken seriously as an actress. 

Afterward, we made our way to the seats that were rightfully stolen by us. 


The show got off to a pretty good start and was opened by Halle Berry! Who came out wearing some kind of gold dress. I wasn't exactly sure why she was there until she went onstage with no makeup. 
 They did a huge ode to the movie Inception, to also open the show and Christopher Nolan made an appearance.
 There is no top point
The show took a huge turn in the right direction when they had Marilyn Manson take the stage.  He came out talking about something, but to be honest no one was listening because he had just set a girl on fire. 

I like mine medium rare

It was at this point in the show when the girl next to me, being the drunk Hollywood girl she was decided that she needed to be on camera.  Batgirl "to whom she will be called" did everything in her Bat Crazy Powers to get the attention of the cameramen.  Did this actually work?? Yes, yes it did.

 look ma, I'm batshit crazy!
Sigourney Weaver also made an appearance out of an Alien egg and talked about Avatar with James Cameron.
I wonder who else was in that egg
The biggest and in my opinion "the best" part of the show was the reunion of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox on stage for the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future! One of my favorite movies of all time! The two looked great and you could still pick up on the chemistry the two have together. 
 I tried to hide in the trunk
All in all it was a great awards show.  It was definitely a celebrity hub and they incorporated a lot of non-horror movies but it was definitely worth going to.  

My advice: Grab a Gatorade Merlot and make the most out of your day, who knows, you may end up in the VIP section with a crazy ass Batgirl!!



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